August Retreat!  Summer Yoga Oasis

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August 28 - 30!

We’ve Closed Our Phila St. Studio!
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Yoga for Peaceful Weight Loss:  A 10 Week online Course to find more peace with food and your bodywith Lisa Muller and Suzanne Lynch starts October 7th!  Sign up Now Online!

Aligned, Relaxed, and Radiant: A 10 week Online Course for a happier healthier life,  with Suzanne Lynch starts October 8th!  Sign up now!

Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Health Coaching with Suzanne Lynch, Sign up by emailing

Tuesday class evening classes with Lisa Muller at Namaste Yoga, 2 Franklin Square

We’ve CLOSED our Phila St location, but we are still offering our transformative services: Yoga Health Coaching Sessions, Peaceful Weight Loss Coaching, online courses, and seasonal workshops. No need to stay in pain!  Email us and sign up to get some help.

Private Yoga Sessions!

Heal Injuries, Increase Strength, and Flexibility!


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Our Summer Retreat…

Details on the way!  Save the dates: July 8-12!

to be held at the Springs Street Gallery

110 Spring St.
Saratoga Springs, NY
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Saratoga Springs Yoga!


Yoga for Peaceful Weight Loss with Lisa Muller and Suzanne Lynch: 10 Week Coaching Group Starts October 7th!


Ever lost weight just to gain it all back (plus even more?)  

Beat yourself up for lack of will power? 

Struggled with futile attempts at the gym? 

Notice that no matter what you do, you are unhappy with how you look?

Despair when you look at the scale?

Of course you have!  

This has been our experience.  

But it does not have to be this way!

Are you looking for a path that will support a more peaceful state of mind around your body and food?  Are you looking for a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off? 

Join Lisa for an introductory 10 week online course, Peaceful Weight Loss, a sustainable way to find more peace around your body and food.


Good News: Couples can take this course as a “Two for One”!

Lisa will introduce you to the core curriculum of Peaceful Weight Loss concepts and practices that have helped her and her students find more peace with their bodies, and balance in their lives. 

Make sustainable, lasting changes.   

No previous yoga experience is required. 

Email Lisa Muller to see if you are a fit for this program.

This course transformed my own relationship to food and my body, and increased the amount of wellness I experience on a daily basis. 

I learned how important it is to work with someone over a longer period of time, and the support of the group was amazing.

—Suzanne Lynch  

 Lisa will meet on a conference call with you each week. (They will be recorded.)  The homework each week will be emailed to you, and there will be a supportive FB community page.

One on one time with Lisa is included, as well as email support, and one free retreat day during the 10 week session.

Sign up if you are ready to make a change!


New Program 10 Week Program: Aligned, Relaxed, & Radiant! Starts 10/8! Save Your Spot Now!

Let’s face it, most of the time, most of us do not feel aligned, relaxed, or radiant!  Often, we know deep down what we need to do to feel better, but by ourselves, we can’t seem make the needed changes.  

I help my clients, especially women at mid-life and beyond, have healthier happier lives.  Using habit change science, and the teachings of yoga, I’ll help you get on track, and meet YOUR health goals.

Everyone needs to know these essential daily health practices to boost immunity, lower cortisol levels and inflammation, support brain health, and allow you to embody your natural radiance. 

Join my next 10 week Group! It’s designed to teach you a core curriculum of essential habits to support your natural, healthy radiance! 

Starts October 8th!


This Course is For You if You Feel:

-Worried About How You Are Aging




-Tired and dull

Renew and rejuvenate by joining my next group course!  

Take a big step into more mental, emotional, and physical wellness; the payoff can be extraordinary!  

—Change the trajectory of your life, and benefit everyone around you.

—Get out of stressful habits that lead to exhaustion and degenerative disease!  

Get the support you need to make simple but effective changes, that have a big impact.

I’ll make it as easy as possible.

Good News: Couples can take this course “Two for One”.  

Move from stress into ease this fall! 

 Email Suzanne: set up a free half hour Health Strategy Session